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Floral Designs by Laura Woodbury specializes in weddings and special events. Laura is the owner and works as a team with her mom, Karen, on almost every event. Laura started her business in early 2015 after realizing her love of flowers. Laura enjoyed gardening since childhood when Karen let her sow her chosen seeds in the large vegetable garden in their yard. Once Laura bought a house of her own, she loved gardening even more as she added bulbs, perennials and annuals to her landscape. Cutting flowers from her own garden allowed her to bring the joy of nature indoors. Soon she discovered that through cut flowers, she could enjoy the beauty of nature all year round.

In the fall of 2014, Laura took several professional floral design classes. Since then, her creativity and love of flowers has only expanded. Her mom still works with her on every event as her partner. Karen has fabulous gardens and fruit trees in her yard, and can tell you almost any Latin name for a flower, plant or tree out there. She and Laura enjoy spending quality time together getting creative.


Laura lives with her husband, Trevor, and their dog, Lincoln. Trevor helps with delivery and setups as necessary, and is Laura's constant supporter. He's even starting to learn the names of many of the flowers in their gardens.


Laura specializes in weddings and special events but would be happy to provide flowers for any day! Call or email her today to discuss your event or joint love of flowers!

Laura and Karen at work then and now.

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